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For schools, educational institutions and colleges, focusing on advanced and innovative ways of management is important. Choosing education management system is one of the important decisions to make that will ease your work to a great level from managing admission process to keeping attendance process easier and from teacher and employee management to have interaction with parents, education management solutions are provided to help school management, teachers and students. Visioneering Solutions offer you education management system with full rights to access information in the system and to help admin see everything from a single screen. It helps admin to keep important data secure and monitor performance of every individual. It provides you central data store for easy access and automated quick report generation with estimated turnaround time.

Education management solution provided through software system is helpful for students too as it provides them access to interact with teachers and perform different tasks like checking their class routine, admission fee and form through registration, academic curriculum, and download or uploading their assignment. They can have a better interaction with teachers and admin, submit their assignment online and apply for leave application. Access to timetable, marks, grade, examination schedule and attendance is also provided to students.

Education Management System for Teachers/Professors

Our Education Management System is advanced software system and a way of interaction between teachers and students. It provides you access to teachers to create a specified learning plan for students. They can update any record; while teachers can add notes to students with regards to any academic information. Our education management solutions are designed to automate student attendance through a biometric device and computerizing management of marks and grades along with time table creation. Uploading and downloading assignment for students is easy.

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