Attendance Management System

Managing attendance or presence in a class room separately in a school is a challenging task for school management – mainly to minimize student's downtime and loss due to staff and employees' downtime. Visioneering Solutions is well-aware of the importance of attendance management system and keeping the same concern in mind; we have designed and developed attendance management system – quick to access and less prone to errors. With our system, taking and managing attendance is no longer a hassle. Now, you can record student attendance in real time or in a chart with a click of the mouse. In this way, information related to attendance can be shared with school admin and parents through cloud or online – mainly to help them keeping track of student.

It comes with an option of attendance configuration. Our attendance management system is integrated with a policy form to help configure the attendance policy – for all students, who often leave school early or enter late by mentioned any reason. Our attendance management system comes with SMS and Email notification – sent to parents when student's attendance is calculated. Our software system comes with:

  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Student attendance tracking and report generation
  • Guard room management, notification via all modes like email, SMS and call

With our system, parents will stay informed about the student presence in school or why he/she is leaving school for the day. Visioneering Solutions provides you with comprehensive student attendance system that is easy to use and come with a number of added features.

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