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We provide a range of IT Solutions to cater the needs of the ever growing IT Industry and its influence in the lives of people all around the world.

ERP Development

Enterprise resource planning or ERP systems are software systems that are used for operations planning, administration and for optimising internal business processes, including manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management. A typical ERP software will integrates all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

Visioneering Solutions specialises in ERP software development and develops high quality solutions for mid-size and big companies. Since ERP system is pretty complex software that should be deeply integrated in all business processes of an organisation, we work with a customised approach for every project, complete with a flexible, scalable architecture to deliver “full-function” ERP applications that are powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use and adaptable for both mobile and web simultaneously.


Lets introduce Robotics to young future of India to enhance and express their creativity and learning capability .

Benefits of Robotics Curriculum :

  • It is fun for children: (Designing robots and programming video games is not only great fun , but is also the best way to consolidate learning of programming )
  • It provides knowledge and Skills-( for an employment market , which within a few years will demand extensive technological training )
  • It is a simple way to introduce pupils to programming -(Experimenting with something as physical and material as a robot makes it easier to take in abstract concepts )
  • It is beneficial for children with autism - (Interaction with robots is highly satisfactory and clear )
  • A better relationship with technology –( to further tap into its long-term social and economic benefits)

Middleware Services

Organisations now perceive innovation and technology as key business enablers, with every domain turning digital and empowering itself with new age technology and applications. As such, facilitating effective communication and collaboration across applications, systems and platforms has become most critical.

Hence, organisations are experiencing an increased need of having efficient and cost-effective middleware solutions that would bind, monitor and support this widespread digital workforce. We provide the Integration and automation, middleware consolidation and transformation, middleware security management, performance and capacity management and support services.

Dream Reality

We are often worried about our child's future. We, as parents and teachers look for ways to make our little ones learn and see how things actually work in the real world without damaging their curiosity and imagination. More like, along with the education they receive in schools, we want our offsprings to have a practical approach towards life and future. And a child learns better when we incorporate fun and games along with learning.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that a child's curiosity and imagination is probably one of the best things ever and if harnessed in the right way way, the child can not only grow up and become wise but can also do wonders. When asked what do our children want to become when they grow up, we get to hear a number of responses, ranging from doctor to lawyer to engineer and what not. So, what if we say that there is a way to amalgamate fun, learning, future, games and practical approach towards life?

About us

Visioneering Solutions, based in Delhi, was founded by a team of like-minded individuals with a keen sense of technological advances and the necessity to link them with potential businesses and entrepreneurial ideas for achieving success, scalability and sustainability. Deploying technology to maximise ROI (return on investment); we act as a promoter and catalyst to your core competency areas.

Bandwidth – We develop innovative and path-breaking software for various sectors including, but not limited to, education, healthcare and society; along with providing IT consultancy for finance, supply chain and logistics business. In the near future, we hope to expand our services even further and wider.

Commitment – We work with a very select clientele and once we partner with a business, we are committed to its excellence and success with just as much dedication as the owner. Happy to become a partner in your efforts, we are good listeners and effective doers, with clarity and transparency in our deliverables, and an innate tendency to work within timelines and guidelines.

Being a Specialist – Our journey from a solution provider to an operations specialist was not so easy, yet it has been quite encouraging and productive. Today, our intelligent copyright products bespeak our commitment and diligence towards delivering state-of-the-art solutions for automation of manual processing, in compliance with regulatory rules.

Team – We firmly believe that behind every breakthrough technology lie relentless hours bringing together the best of human thought and energy. With a dedicated team of industry experts, having rich experience in different domains, we strive to deliver no less than exceptional results to our worthy clients. Indeed the team’s synergy and zeal to create something new and better every time has often led to some of our most successful endeavours and collaborations.

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Our Products

A 360˚ solution to all education management problems that helps the Indian education system to stay attuned with the digital age and produce world class citizens. The meticulously designed web-based full feature ERP is no less than revolutionary in its scope and features. Combining all the functions of an education – academic, administrative and financial, this miracle of technology allows educations to function in a time and cost effective manner, with its benefits encompassing not just the education staff and management, but also parents and students. The purpose behind this product is to make all systems and process pertaining to a education more transparent, efficient and result-oriented. What gives it an extra edge is that not only will the data be recorded, but also analysed by experts – giving a clear-cut picture of the problem and the solution.

Student Management

  • New Admissions
  • Exam Results
  • Performance Analysis
  • Attendance & Homework
  • Fee Alerts & Notifications
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Staff & HR Management

  • New Recruitment
  • Staff Attendance
  • Salary Account
  • Allowances & Deductions
  • Digital Salary Slips
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Fee Management

  • Create & Manage Fee Slots
  • Class & Student-wise Fee Setting
  • Digital Fee Receipts
  • Due/ Pending Fee Alerts to Parents
  • Online Payment Gateway option
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Transport Management

  • Manage Bus Routes & Stops
  • Set Pick-up & Drop Time
  • GPS Navigation System
  • Bus Location on Parents’ Mobile
  • Student Pick-up & Drop Notification
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Library Management

  • Manage Books
  • Book Shelves with easy browsing
  • Book Issue & Return Management
  • Late Book Fine Notification
  • Rack Management
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Stock Management

  • Price-wise Division of Stock into Categories
  • Department/Class-wise Distribution Record
  • Stock Usage, Loss, and Replenishment alerts
  • Manage Stock Purchase, Quotation, Pay Orders & Requisitions
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Smart Attendance – Get Rid of Paper Registers, get Notifications on the go

  • Teachers mark attendance on their mobile apps/ computers
  • Parents get real-time updates on their phones and mails
  • Access attendance data for a student/ class by day, week, month, year
  • Bulk notifications to parents rather than individuals messages about their child’s attendance
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Smart Diary – Hassle Free Homework Post and Notification

  • Teachers post homework on a single-click with picture attachments
  • Parents get live updates of homework for their kids, date-wise and subject-wise on their mobile apps or their computers
  • No wastage of paper and time in copying and noting homework; This minimises error and saves time
  • No loss of information in case of absence
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Smart Communication – Connecting teachers, parents and principal

  • Push-notification facility for education staff and parents from their mobile apps/computers, enabling easy two-way communication
  • Principals can send one-on-one messages or broadcast an announcement for all the teachers as well as non-teaching staff
  • Admin Staff issue notifications to the parents on various matters like fees, PTMs, cultural festivals, etc.
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Smart Calendar

  • A uniform education calendar for all
  • Easy to save events, celebrations & holidays and set alerts and reminders
  • Teachers, parents & students can plan their lessons and schedules accordingly
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  • Smart Attendance – Get Rid of Paper Registers
  • Smart Diary – Hassle Free Homework
  • Smart Communication – Connecting teachers, parents and principal
  • Smart Calendar
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Industry Academia Bridge Program (IABP)

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

With the rapid advancements in technology and the evolving methodologies of effective learning, we have embarked into a new era - an era of rethinking education. While we are striving hard to rethink and continuously evolve our education system, it’s time to step aside and address the voidspace that haunts students after completing their academic journey – a pathway from academic degree to employment.

While institutions focus on theoretical knowledge and some amount of practical knowledge, there is a dearthin areas like exposure to latest technologies,Understanding how the industry works ,continuous learning and many more.
Besides, proving the best curriculum and world class infrastructure still, there is a gap between what Industry needs and what Universities offer. To bridge this gap, we propose a comprehensive bridge between Academia and Industry. Industry-Academia Bridge Programs provides a model that enables students to upgrade their skills according to market needs and prepare them to be Industry Ready.

Industry Academia Bridge Program offers you a whole new set of knowledge and experiences for the students who will be the future of India and has the potential to outshine the world.

What do Industries expect?

Industries expect a complete package – a student who is a perfect combination of technical knowledge and skills, soft skills, and the right attitude. While students obtaining their engineering degrees have the technical knowledge, do they have the required soft skills, attitude, and the technical skills to work on on-demand crucial projects from day 1?

What do Students expect?

Students expect their engineering degree to be the passport for a well-placed job in an organization. With changes in business management and the advent of innumerable new designations and roles, do students realize what their dream job is? Are they crazy about coding a software program? Are they aware about the various roles in an organization? Are they aware about their core skills? Industry – Academia Bridge Plan (IABP) Our vision is to bridge the gap between students and industries through our Industry-Academia Bridge plan by grooming students into industry-ready skilled employees. Our focus is on involving students in all relevant business-related activities to help them learn and evolve.

IABP helps you

  • Assisting you in taking right career decisions
  • Building your network, especially industry networks (through our conferences, seminars and workshops)
  • Enhancing professional attitudes
  • Helping you in blending the academic theory and industry practice to give you a complete picture of the industry
  • Assisting you in smooth transitioning from college to corporate
  • Understanding the difference between Accountability and Responsibility
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Does it excite you to acquire skills for a lifetime and ready to collaborate with us to prepare you and look beyond the door of industries. Contact us to know more.

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“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

When you partner with us, we take on your challenges as our own and work together with you to find the best possible solutions. And with technology as our aide, we promise we will always be on the winning side!